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26 Jui 2020 11:58 #231997 par Pascal-X
Pascal-X a créé le sujet : Dutch member
Hello everyone,

My name is Pascal, 33 years and I’m from Pays-Bas. Reason for joining here is because the Dutch forum is really small and is extinct. Also the old forum with all the information is down and isn’t coming back.
I have a MP3 500 sport bj2012. Currently the only mods are:
- Akrapovic
- Dr Pulley sliders
- Dashboard lighting white and blue LED
Mods coming soon:
- Plasti Dip (still doubting between a few variations)
- Rim swap
- Brake calibers Red
- White Wall tires
- Custom headlights with angel eyes, devil eyes, LED HID and more
- Custom LED taillights
- Blacking out the piaggio badges
- And more if I think of something else, love customizing :geweldig:

I hope to learn more here with you guys about the awesome MP3 and what customization you have done.

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27 Jui 2020 04:31 #232013 par ray29
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ma monture

Selle JMB~Pirelli Angel AV/AR
Filtre à air Malossi red sponge avec entrée Ø 31
Huile 10w60 Castrol Edge~Engine Ice~bougies NGK cr8ekb
Vario stock avec usinage des 2 flasques en double pente sur la moitié inférieure
Galets TechPülley 20,5gr~rondelle entretoise ép1m/m
Ressort contre poussé stock+rlt Pinasco
0/100=>-8s et 140km/h à 7000t/mn

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27 Jui 2020 23:20 #232020 par bobobss
bobobss a répondu au sujet : Dutch member
Welcome and good forum Pascal-X

Now that you've introduced yourself, you can post pictures of your scooter HERE .
(or even in the future, if it's coming soon).

I also invite you to read The recommendations of the forum and The rules of the forum .

Looking forward to reading you again.

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